Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Honeymoon Bower

This is where our honeymoon was spent. The pool is off to the right hand side. It's secluded and the crew have made sure our every need is catered for! We're so grateful!

The other important participants

This is Mr. Pie, who officiated so well:

And this is Lenny who was the Best Mancat:

And we were graced with the presence of Aunty (Deaf) Lottie too!

Fru made the cake and did the lovely buffet (with some help from Cookie) CoopersCats were the official photographer.
Saturday Joon 16th at 4pm was the Wedding of Freddy Vander Bitsa Cat and Alyst Mandelson Cat. This is Freddy:
And this is Alyst:

 They met online and have been courting ever since! Freddy is really busy because he has to patrol the next door school fields, and look after his Mom who is disabled, and keep half an eye on his kid sis Mini who just arrived one day. Alyst is a lady of leisure and will make a wonderful wife for Freddy I'm sure. Freddy gave Alyst a cat's eye engagement ring.

Special thanks to:

Gen. Thatcham-Lamb for giving us permission to come aboard Mogsplorer One for our honeymoon, to Jade and Jordan for creating a lovely space for us and the crew for looking after us!

And the others who came were:

Betsy Blue Eyes (Tig La Mig) in her beautiful blue hat! CatBoyMum Catizen Wolfie Smith Cat Mars Echelon DanaPixie Belle Frankencat Jason Smithers Jazzman Cat Karen Frost Mr Tibbs Petie the Cat Santas Cat Shayna Cat Herman Tattle cat

The lovely wedding cake

We had some lovely gifts:

We had this vase, decoration and champers from the Tardis Toms.

And these lovely food bowls were from Betsy Blue Eyes (Tig la Mig)
  Tiddles Fry couldn't make the ceremony but sent us these lovely soft squidgy cushions, which he used his undoubted expertise to choose! Mr Pie gave us this lovely commemorative plaque so we can remember the day.
Coopers Cats sent us this lovely soft rug!